Olivia Wilder

Bio: About Olivia Wilder has been painting for over 40 years, and also teaching for the past three. She is inspired by every thing, everywhere. “In each moment there is a wonder to behold within your immediate surroundings if you are awake to the beauty around you,” she believes. She has studied painting under many of the top artists of the country, but has never had a drawing lesson, and is self-taught in all aspects of drawing and composition. She has often been told that she seems to give life to every subject and captures the heart and soul of people and animals in her paintings. She paints primarily in oil, her preferred medium, but also in acrylic and watercolor. In addition to painting, she is passionate about her internet-based radio (podcast) interview program, where, for the past nearly seven years, she has interviewed over 600 celebrities, chefs, musicians, authors, and other interesting people at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/olivia She has many paintings available that can be seen at http://oliviawilderart.wordpress.com/, and she welcomes commissions for custom paintings. She is also available for private lessons. Please use the form below for all enquiries.

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